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Soft Starter

Soft Starter

Soft starter is a blend of the latest motor control theory with proprietary protection technology and new equipment of advanced software technology, which is used for motor starting early star/triangle transformation, auto voltage step-down, magnetic control step-down starting equipment such as the ideal alternative products. Its performance is the current market most ordinary soft starter can not comparable because of that without adapt intelligent starting control technology.

Soft starter is a equipment that use AC electrical motors to decrease the load and torque in the large motor or electric current soar of the motor during start-up. This decrease the machinery pressure on the motor shaft with the electric pressure connection cable and electrical distribution network to extend the service life of the system. It can combination of mechanical or electrical devices, or consist of both. Mechanical soft starters include clutches and several types of couplings using a fluid, magnetic forces, or steel shot to transmit torque, similar to other forms of torque limiter

This soft starter can reduce the starting current of motor and the power distribution capacity to motor effectively, it could achieve energy saving. The function of soft stopping can solve effectively the surging problem of inertia system when stopping. The common motor soft starter can not realized it. Our product have perfect design, pretty external shape and structure , simple and stable operation.
  • Intelligent Motor Soft Starter Intelligent Motor Soft Starter
    Outline dimension: H1(mm)290, W1(mm)146,D(mm)160. Rate Input voltage/Frequency: AC 380V 50Hz. Adaptable Motor Power/Current: 45KW/90A
  • Low Voltage Soft Starter for Air Compressor Low Voltage Soft Starter for Air Compressor
    Three-phase mains voltage(VAC): 380V/660V±15%. Frequency: 50Hz. Adapt motor: Squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motor. Start frequency: Depending on overload condition and suggest not more than 20 hours per hour
  • Fan/pump Low Voltage Soft Start Drive Fan/pump Low Voltage Soft Start Drive
    Unique SCR trigger: special standard load and heavy load. Unique load application: Parameter built-in ten types of load for users choose. Multiple start-up and shutdown ways: voltage linear curve, current exponential curve and voltage linear curve. App
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