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Copy Keypad

Copy Keypad

The keypad has an extra function: keypad copy function. This function is very useful, when users want to copy the inverter settings (source inverter) to another (target inverter) or a program requires multiple inverter using the same settings.
This is done as follows: the parameters of the source inverter are copied to the nonvolatile memory of the copy keypad and then from this keyboard to another inverter ("target inverter"). The keyboard copy function is controlled by the parameters.
The cables is used to connect the inverter external serial interface keypad. There are 6 cable lengths ranging from 1 m to 10 m. The user must select the length according to his request. The copy keypad cable must be laid separately from the power wiring by according to the requirements for the control wiring.
Copy keypad function select parameters settings:
0: No function
1: Displayed in the factory after modified by the user's parameters
2: Read parameters: Inverter→keypad
3: Copy application parameters: Keypad →Inverter , only copy other than F1 group (motor parameters) application parameters. This function is used to copy parameter to a similar system, the inverter and the motor configuration does not require the same.
4: Copy all parameters: Keyboard →inverter copy, all parameters to the inverter, this function can set the configuration of the same inverter.
5: Compare parameters, you can download the instruction of copy keyboard from the download center.
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    RUN/TUNE: LED off means that the AC drive is in the stopping state; LED blinking means the AC drive is in the parameter aut tune state; LED on means the AC drive is in the running state.
    Model Number: SD100KBB. Color: Taupe. Payment term: T/T. Trade term: FOB. Shipping Term: DHL
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    Program key: Enter or escape from the first level menu and remove the parameter quickly. Entry key: Enter the menu step-by-step confirm parameters. Up key: Increase data or function code progressively.
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