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AC Drive Optional Accessories

AC Drive Optional Accessories

AC drive optional accessories allow remote mounting of the (SD300 Series) high-speed pulse drive removable keypad. The SD200 DIN rail mounting plate adapter permits mounting of smaller-frame SD200 Series drives. This adapter will fit all SD200 drives 1.4 KW and below. The adapter will also fit 2.1KW SD200 drives that are 220V and 380V. The zero phase reactor (RF noise filter) helps reduce radiated noise from the inverter wiring. Available optional drive accessory items include: adapter plate, for mounting smaller-frame SD200 AC drives onto 35mm DIN rail; fits SD200 AC drives 1.4 KW and below, and 220V and 380V 2.1KW SD200AC drives. Adapter, drive mounting screws, and installation instructions included.

The standard smart keypad for the high-speed pulse series drives allows you to configure the drive, set the speed, start and stop the drive, and monitor critical parameters for your application. This keypad has internal memory that allows four complete programs to be stored and transferred to any high-speed pulse AC Drive. RS485 communication card is optional, Modbus as standard communication protocol in AC drive. Extend LED operation panel, the The keyboard can be general use for all series products, parameter numbers are basically the same and easy to use. Parameters Table grouped by function,query and modify are convenient and fast. It is easy to use double-row keyboard, and convenient the user to monitor and debug. Unlike other feedback types, the SD300 accommodates the four most common signal types: output, voltage, open collector, line driver, and complementary.
  • Modbus Communication AC Drive Card Modbus Communication AC Drive Card
    Main Key words: china Modbus communication card, Modbus card factory. Materials: Metal and chip. Application: AC drive. Warranty: 18 months
  • Inverter Modbus Communication Card Inverter Modbus Communication Card
    Type for order: EH60~485. Service: One-stop service. Delivery: Shipped in 5 days after payment. Key words: Inverter card manufacturers, best communication card.
  • AC Drive Accessory with Modbus Card AC Drive Accessory with Modbus Card
    Model number: RS-485. Place of origin:Guangdong, China(Mainland). Packaging: Plastic. Brand name: SINOVO
  • Inverter Copy Keypad Inverter Copy Keypad
    RUN/TUNE: LED off means that the AC drive is in the stopping state; LED blinking means the AC drive is in the parameter aut tune state; LED on means the AC drive is in the running state.
    Model Number: SD100KBB. Color: Taupe. Payment term: T/T. Trade term: FOB. Shipping Term: DHL
  • China VSD AC Drive with External Keypad China VSD AC Drive with External Keypad
    Program key: Enter or escape from the first level menu and remove the parameter quickly. Entry key: Enter the menu step-by-step confirm parameters. Up key: Increase data or function code progressively.
  • Inverter External Operation Panel Inverter External Operation Panel
    Main Key words: China external panel, best inverter operation panel. Keypad operation: operate the AC drive via operations panel. Three-level menus: Group number of function code, tab of function code, set value of function code. Color: black.
  • Electric Control LED Operation Panel Electric Control LED Operation Panel
    Multi-function I / O expansion card: Increase 3 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, two relay outputs, two analog voltage input T_Motor. It applies to all models. Modbus communication card: One RS - 485 communication card, one CAN communication card.
  • Extend LED Operation Panels Extend LED Operation Panels
    Email: Material: Plastic. Key words: Operation panel manufacturers, LED operation panel price. Usage: It used to control AC drive. Package: carton.
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