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Solar Pump Controller

Solar Pump Controller


Before using, please check the solar pump controller components firstly. Please make sure the components serial number is correct and if the product is damaged during shipping.
Instructions and Feature
Solar Pump Controller monitor the system performance continiously and with integrated protection of multi-function pump system. When fault occurs, Solar Pump Controller will display the type of faults by LED screen in the front of the controller and will automatically reset routine fault.
Internal Diagnostics allows lower input voltage.
Whenever possible, the controller will maximize the use of the solar array output to drive the pump.
To provide users with an easy interface, enhanced configurability and realize remote monitoring system.
Protection Function
Electronic monitoring enables the controller to monitor systems and automaticlly shut down in following circumanstances:
① Wells is short of water- Low liquild level swtiches;
② Pump locked rotor overload protection;
③ High voltage surge;
④ Low output voltage;
⑤ Motor lack phase;
⑥ Short circuit;
⑦ Overheating.
The controller protect the motor by limiting load running when the motor current exceeds the rated current at the time of low water level. The controller does not provide high motor temperature detection.
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