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Communication PLC Expansion

Communication PLC Expansion

  • Communication PLC Expansion


PLC dimension:131x95x82mm
Model number: S01RS
Remote I/O functions: Supported
Protocol: Modbus
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◆  Logistics controller power supply: internal DC24V;

◆  Communication PLC Expansion consists of 3 models, communication port expansion module and the wireless communication module ;
◆  PLC equipment support Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol, free communication protocol, SINOVOBus high-speed communication protocol;
◆  Single communication port module can be extended to two or three communication ports, RS485/RS232 port optionally.
◆  It can be used as expansion module for any host, except C series PLC, increasing the number of communication ports;

◆  Baud rate 1200~115200bps, master/slave mode can be used well;


High reliability, anti-interference ability: The traditional relay control system uses a large number of intermediate relays, time relay, due to poor contact prone to failure. PLC use software instead of a large number of intermediate relays and time relays, leaving a small amount of input and output-related hardware components, wiring can be reduced to the relay control system 1 / 10-1 / 100, and contact failure gradually reduce.

Communications simulator: It is used to the debug communication instruction simulation tools, which can be manually input similarly response message returned from salve, or use the computer's serial port to communicate with salve really, Simulate the process that PLC executes communication instruction really and process the return data from the salve.

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