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Joining the Belt and Road Initiative The exhibition concluded successfully!

Joining the Belt and Road Initiative The exhibition concluded successfully!

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The fundamental starting point and goal of jointly building the "Belt and Road" initiative is to explore new ways to develop together with close and distant neighbors and to open up a "happy road" that benefits all countries and the world. Achieving common development and common prosperity is the proper meaning of the "Belt and Road" initiative. The advancement of the "Belt and Road" construction not only provides development opportunities for Chinese companies, but also provides opportunities for local companies and local people to prosper together. Xilin Electric actively responds to the “Belt and Road” initiative and promotes international win-win development.

From October 10th to October 12th, 2023, the three-day 2023 Vietnam Hanoi Industrial Exhibition concluded successfully at the Hanoi International Convention and Exhibition Center in Vietnam!

Looking back at the exhibition venue, we can still feel the bustle of people and the bustling crowds.

The scene was buzzing with people.

During the exhibition, we received wide recognition from users in many different industries.

The on-site booth is very popular and there are constant inquiries. The sales elites of Xilin Electric are always enthusiastic and patiently explaining the products to each customer, carefully answering each customer's questions, listening to the customer's demands, and actively providing customers with suitable solutions.

Looking back, SINOVO Electric also gained a lot at the STHE SMARTER E SOUTH AMERICA 2023 Brazil exhibition.

SINOVO Electric brought a series of main products to the exhibition, met and communicated with many new and old customers, demonstrated SINOVO  Electric's professional style, and won the favor and appreciation of many exhibitors!

At the exhibition, SINOVO  Electric's sales and R&D teams demonstrated their professional advantages and provided customers with professional solutions! Our exhibits have won unanimous praise from customers from all walks of life at the Brazilian exhibition!

SINOVO  Electric has penetrated every detail from the preparation of the exhibition to the closing of the exhibition. We have devoted our infinite love and pursuit of power electronics technology and made many new friends. What we have gained is not only the industry's attention to SINOVO  Electric, but also the expectations and heavy responsibilities of our customers and friends. In the future, SINOVO Electric will continue to move forward and continuously launch products and services that can create the greatest value for customers. The successful conclusion of the exhibition means that we will start a new journey, and SINOVO Electric will make great progress on the road of power electronics technology!

Thanks to every customer for your support!

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