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Rotary Frequency Converter

Rotary Frequency Converter

Rotary frequency converter are designed to provide equipment with several watts to several megawatts power. The rotary frequency converter will meet the rated kVA demands at the output with a high efficiency motor and ordinary shaft motor generator to yield the required frequency and voltage. Rotary frequency converters come in a 3 bearing or 5 bearing solution, as well as, vertical or horizontal configurations. A accurate voltage regulator integrated within the system maintains the output voltage at (+/- .5%) far better than the industry standard.

Under normal running, the rotary frequency converter as a rotating filter with the critical load being protected from utility transients and brownouts. The rotary frequency converter is available with either a synchronous or induction motor, whichever is best for the application. A synchronous motor creates an exact frequency output with no deviation, which is ideal for testing, flight, and weapon system applications. A low slip induction motor causes the output frequency to deviate, which is better suited for projects that require a more economical solution.

When operated at the rated motor speed, the motor controlled frequency of the generator , thus the output frequency can be variable. It is also high effective for outages lasting less than half a second. Also the lack of brushes and slip rings in both the motor and generator allows for virtually maintenance free operation.
  • Rotary 50hz 60hz Frequency Converter Rotary 50hz 60hz Frequency Converter
    Input Voltage: Single-phase 220V, Three-phase 220V, Three-phase 380V. Output Voltage: Three-phase 380V. Type: AC-DC-AC. Output Frequency: 0-600.00Hz. Output Current: 4.7A-8.5A
  • Variable Speed Static Frequency Converter Variable Speed Static Frequency Converter
    Inverter type: Low Frequency Transformer Inverter. Warranty: 18 months. Communications: Internal RS485. HS code: 85044090. LED display: Display each parameter of function code group.
  • V/F Variable Speed Changer Frequency Converter V/F Variable Speed Changer Frequency Converter
    Maximum output frequency: 0~600Hz. Carrier frequency: 1.0kHz~12kHz;According to the load characteristics,carrier frequency can be adjusted automatically. Control mode: V/F. Speed range: 1:50(SVC); 1Hz/150% rated torque;
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