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Variable Speed Static Frequency Converter

Variable Speed Static Frequency Converter

  • Variable Speed Static Frequency Converter


Inverter type: Low Frequency Transformer Inverter.
Warranty: 18 months.
Communications: Internal RS485.
HS code: 85044090.
LED display: Display each parameter of function code group.
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Static frequency converter means there are no rotary parts inside it, which are also called solid state - the definition is connected with the output frequency of the electric motor can be adjusted with respect to the rotary frequency converter.

Static frequency converter is changing the fixed grid electricity via AC to DC, DC to AC through internal electronic components, the multi function inverter conversion through switch circuit and power supply conversion into the desired voltage and power frequency static frequency converter, the output power can be simulated international power system standard. Enter a single or three- phase AC power supply, conversion via AC to DC, DC to AC, the output is stable pure sine wave, and also can output 380V in a variety of manufacture.

In order to adapt to the times trend of green environmental protection power, the static frequency converter adopts the advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology, and the international well-known brand advanced IGBT power module as driver, has small volume, high reliability, low noise characteristics. Static frequency converter using digital signal processing technology can provide voltage, frequency, current, power factor and other accurate data; The large capacity IGBT module design and the IGBT drive circuit can effectively reduce the complexity of the circuit and improve the reliability and stability of the static inverter; Input and output power complete isolation, anti-jamming and security engine. The converter can provide single phase voltage is 0 ~ 220v, three-phase (0 ~ 380v) and frequency of 0 ~ 600 Hz, adopting programmable frequency refers to the set.

1.Textile: SINOVO for the textile industry provide high precision converter system and completely solution, effectively eliminate various hidden files and improve the cloth quality.
2.Plastic: SINOVO for the plastic machinery, machine tools and other industries to provide dedicated converter products and complete solutions, which are provide a strong support for new technology application and industry innovation.
3.Water and water treatment: SINOVO for the urban water supply, heating, large music fountain equipment provide excellent products and solutions, it help reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency.

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