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Low Voltage AC Drive

Low Voltage AC Drive

Product definition level below 690 v voltage adjustable output frequency ac motor drive unit that can be classified as low voltage AC drive. Vector control is the current value of the motor, so as to determine the torque of the motor current component and other current component, such as excitation component values. Vector control can be based on the response of the motor of the voltage drop, optimizing compensation, without any increase in the current circumstances to allow the motor output torque.This feature is also effective to improve low speed when the temperature rise of the motor. Vector control mode and therefore become an important foreign brand occupy high-end market advantage.

The AC drive best advantage is save energy, energy-saving mainly on the application of fan and water pump. In order to guarantee the reliability of the production, all kinds of production machinery in the design with power drive has the certain amount of surplus.When the motor will not run under full load, in addition to meet the requirements of power driven, extra torque increases the active power consumption and waste of electricity. Fan and pump equipment such as the traditional speed regulation method is via adjusting the barrier of entry or exit, the valve opening to adjust to the air and water, input high power and large amounts of energy consumption on baffle and valve closure process.When using frequency control of motor speed, the traffic demand decreases can via reducing the pump or fan rotation speed to meet the requirements.
  • Adjustable VFD Low Voltage Frequency Inverter Adjustable VFD Low Voltage Frequency Inverter
    Service: OEM is available. Weight: 2.4~415kg. Input Voltage: Three phase 380V. Output Voltage: Three phase 380V
  • Variable Speed Low Voltage Converter Variable Speed Low Voltage Converter
    ​Max. output frequency: 0~500Hz Input frequency resolution Digital setting:0.01Hz Analog setting:Max. frequency×0.025% Control mode:V/Fcontrol
  • AC Frequency Low Voltage Drive AC Frequency Low Voltage Drive
    High performance: Multiple braking modes and quick magnetic flow brake without braking resistor. Strong Adaptability: Independent air duct and high power density. Wide Application: It can be used for asynchronous motor and synchronous motor.
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