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VFD products can be divided into single-phase series 220v, three-phase series 220 v and three-phase series 380v. The product installed side by side that efficient heat dissipation design to achieve save space. With the function of PLC, onboard programmable controller (PLC), can write simple PLC program to save the cost of outsourcing of PLC. The product easy maintenance can remove the cooling fan and convenient to install and disassemble.

VFD has the following characteristics: modular design, built-in MODBUS, built-in EMI filter, miniaturization and diversified communication module. Modular design can easy removal, reduce the materials and facility to maintain. The fan, panel are able to remove and posses elastic extension card. Built-in MODBUS adopts RS - 485 communication interface and standard MODBUS communication protocol. The built-in EMI filter can effectively reduce the electromagnetic interference, which comply to EN61800-3 standard specification. The size of the compact structure, can save more space. Collocation track can easily install to guide. Diversified communication module possess ProfiBus-DP and CANOpen. Live elastic extension functions, such as I/O card, the Relay card, PG card, USB card, etc

VFD have current detection with high precision, which can achieve precise and rapid protection function, perfect overload protection (OL OL1 OL2), over voltage/current stall prevention function, ground short circuit protection, abnormal reset and instantaneous power tracking function improve the operation continuity, in the meanwhile possess internal PTC thermistor motor overheating protection function.
  • V/F Control VVVF AC Drive V/F Control VVVF AC Drive
    Wide range of application: It is suitable for the V/F control of asynchronous motor and synchronous motor. Excellent property: SVC, start torque and multiple brake torque model are without braking resistor can achieve rapid flux braking mode.
  • Special AC Drive for Ball Mill Special AC Drive for Ball Mill
    Soft start: starting current faster 3-5 times than normal drive. Speed control: PLC grind time, milling time and automatic stop. Item: AC-DC-AC AC drive
  • High Performance Universal VFD High Performance Universal VFD
    Advanced Vector Control Algorithm: Vector mode 0 control. Overload capacity: Type G:150% rated current 60/s Type P:110% rated current 60/s. Multi speed control:Simple PLC, PID module and pulse counting control. Input Voltage: 220Va
  • High/Low Frequency Integration Frequency Inverter High/Low Frequency Integration Frequency Inverter
    Analog input: One analog input terminal AI1, support 0~10V voltage or 0 ~ 20mA current input. Analog output: One analog output terminal AO, support 0~10V voltage or 0 ~ 20mA current output.
  • AC Drive for Construction Elevator AC Drive for Construction Elevator
    Overload Design: Strong overload capability, 150% rate current 60/s, 180% rate current 3/s. Optimized speed loop: The speed loop applies variable ratio and Integral gain control. Forced deceleration process: prevent shock in up/down running; Emergency-
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