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Special AC Drive for Ball Mill

Special AC Drive for Ball Mill

  • Special AC Drive for Ball Mill


Soft start: starting current faster 3-5 times than normal drive.
Speed control: PLC grind time, milling time and automatic stop.
Item: AC-DC-AC AC drive
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SD300Q series special AC drive for ball mill is a high-performance energy-saving control product, it mainly used for control and adjust the of the speed and torque of the three-phase AC asynchronous motor , which is a new generation technology upgrade product in SINOVO. SD300Q series adopt high performance current vector control technology, with low frequency high torque output, strong overload ability, good stability and dynamic performance, it support for multiple communication bus protocol, multiple PG card, abundant feature and stable performance. SD300Q possess perfect anti tripping control and adapt to bad power grid ability, which can be widely used in various types of automated production equipment.

SD300Q series special AC drive for ball mill performance feature:
1: Soft start: After the ball mill use variable frequency speed control, starting current smaller than the former 3-5 times.
2: Energy saving effect: The effect of the ball mill variable frequency speed control energy saving system generally can reach about 5%~15%.
3: Speed control: Variable frequency control cabinet PLC automatic operation function, which can easily set by PLC grind time, milling time and automatic stop function that make the operation more intelligent and humanization.
4: Longevity: Using AC drive automatic voltage regulating function to keep motor efficiency highest. By eliminating the impact of the starting that prolong the machine shaft, gear, belt, such as the service life of mechanical parts so that reduce the maintenance cost.
5: Protection: The system possess complete default phase, short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent and various protection function, at the same time which can be mounted to the electric supply, energy-saving switch function and effective guarantee the equipment stable operation.
SD300Q AC drive internal integrated air switch, relay and so on main circuit components, the specialized internal wiring built-in high stability of AC/DC power supply to ensure the system safety and reliability.

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