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Application Of Low-Voltage Frequency Converter In Chemical Industry

Application Of Low-Voltage Frequency Converter In Chemical Industry

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The frequency converter market in Chemical industry mainly are the equipment support and transformation projects which takes about 40% each. In the chemical industry, the inverter is mainly used for fans, pumps and mechanical speed control equipment. Chemical industry has many branch and the production process is also difference. Its usage of the frequency converter power range is very wide from less than 1KW to thousands of kilowatts. Therefore, a variety of grades of products can be find in the industry. Almost all brands of inverter have market in the chemical industry.


In the chemical industry, the transport of materials are inseparable from the pump. In most cases, it need to adjust the flow (pressure). In the past are the using throttle valve (constant pressure pump) or shunt valve (constant volume pump) to adjust the flow which cost redundant power consumption in terms of the throttle loss or shunt loss. However, you can save a lot of power by using frequency control which can directly adjust the pump pressure and flow.


With the continuous development of industry, fan are used more and more widely, especially in the chemical industry.  There are prevailing over wind flow problems in the fan designing. Choose the general use of throttle when the air flow need to be adjusted which is unnecessary loss. By using low - voltage frequency converter, you can easily adjust the air flow according to the actual needs which improve the power factor and the comprehensive energy-saving rate is 30 or more result from the elimination of unnecessary losses.

Speed governing machinery

The machinery need to adjust the speed like extruder, material feed adjustment and conveyor belt basically use slip adjustment motor, three-phase commutator motor or DC motor speed. However, the speed regulation performance of the speed motor  is not good. It also has poor stable speed, high failure rate and low efficiency. The DC motor and commutator motor have the disadvantage of complex structure, high failure rate, high maintenance costs. What’s worse, it is very unsafe for it will produce sparks while working. Using induction motor plus frequency converter to replace these types of motor can greatly improve enterprise economic efficiency for its high efficiency, less power, small maintenance, security, reliability and short investment return period.

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