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Intelligent Motor Soft Starter

Intelligent Motor Soft Starter

  • Intelligent Motor Soft Starter


Outline dimension: H1(mm)290, W1(mm)146,D(mm)160.
Rate Input voltage/Frequency: AC 380V 50Hz.
Adaptable Motor Power/Current: 45KW/90A
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SFT30 series intelligent motor soft starter is a blend of the latest motor control theory and proprietary protection technology as well as the newest advanced software technology equipment. It is used for motor starting early star/triangle transformation, auto voltage step-down, magnetic control step-down starting equipment ideal alternative products. Its performance is the most market ordinary soft starter can not comparable that doesn’t adapt intelligent starting control technology.

Soft starter is a collection of soft starter, soft stop, light load energy saving and multi-functional protection of motor control equipment. In the entire launch process achieve shock-free and smooth start motor as well as can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the motor load to start the process of various parameters, such as current limiting values, start time, etc.

Intelligent Motor Soft Starter

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