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General Servo Motor Controller Drive

General Servo Motor Controller Drive

  • General Servo Motor Controller Drive


Encoder resolution: 2500P/V.
Main control mode: SVPM control.
Control mode: Manual/automatic.
Impulsbefehl mode: Pulse+symbol  A phase+B phase  CC pulse+CW pulse
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As the technology of microprocessor unit becomes more advanced and much further, the development and cost effective of permanent magnet manufacturing technology for servo motor and high power and high performance semiconductor power devices is improved continuously. Therefore, AC servo motor and AC servo control system have become the basic techniques for accomplishing automation control technology in current industry field.

SINOVO general servo system is an omnibearing integrated servo system which is based on SINOVO's strength in industrial and electronic technology and developed for different customers requirements of various application machine tools. All ASDA series servo drives are provided with a superior digital signal processor (DSP) which represents a high-speed performance of the control circuit loop. Besides, the other features of SINOVO ASDA series, including gain tuning, smooth motor operation and software analysis / monitor function, also provide high-speed and high-precision motion control for a wide range of industrial automation applications.

Technical indication:

specification of General Servo Motor Controller Drive

Command control mode:
External pulse control/Internal register control
Command smooth mode:
Low pass smooth filter
Electronic gear ratio
Electronic gear ratio: N/M times,
limit condition(1/50
Torque limit:
Parameter setting mode
Feedforward compensation
Parameter setting mode

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