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Open Loop Variable Vector AC Frequency Drive

Open Loop Variable Vector AC Frequency Drive

  • Open Loop Variable Vector AC Frequency Drive


Application: It can make use of textile industry and paper making industry.
Dimension: 220*250*387mm.
Model Type: SD300 series AC frequency drive.
Control mode: vector control.
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SD300 series open-loop various vector AC frequency drive is a high-performance generic vector frequency drive,it is a new generation technology upgrading products in SINOVO. The AC frequency drive with the new characteristic appearance design and use the unique way of control to achieve a high-torque, high-precision, wide speed drives, which is the general customer demand, customer personalized requirements and industry characteristics, practical PI, simple PLC, flexible input/output terminals, pulse frequency setting,main and auxiliary setting, frequency control,fixed-length timing control, power shutdown parameter selection etc., they are provide a high integration solution for manufacturing industry customers, reducing the system cost and improving the system reliability. Open-loop vector (OLV) control is used for greater and more dynamic motor control. It independently controls motor speed and torque, much like DC motors are controlled.

SD300 Series Open Loop Variable Vector AC Frequency Drive features and functions:
1. Low frequency and large torque output, VF control mode, under low frequency of 1 Hz 150% load current waveform
2.Open-loop vector control mode, under 0.5 Hz 150% load current waveform

3. Instantaneous non stop current waveforms, at the instantaneous cut off occasion of the power grid input , the AC derive maintain the stability of busbar voltage by reducing the operating frequency to achieve the power back. When the power input normal, it return to normal operation.

4.Fast speed tracking start and stop the current waveform, within 300ms the AC drive complete the high-speed rotation of the motor shaft speed to achieve rapid smooth start-up. 5. Fast and effective hardware current limiting technology, when the current of each phase is greater than the limit value during detecting, the logic circuit in the 5uS forced to close the PWN output to complete the wave limit control. The following figure is the motor rotor under high speed rotation start-up and three- phase current hardware current-limiting waveform.
6. In the following figure, the hardware limits of the motor three-phase current is forced to flow through the inner limit point.

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