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VFD Variable Speed Frequency Inverter

VFD Variable Speed Frequency Inverter

  • VFD Variable Speed Frequency Inverter


Overload capability:
Type G: 150% Rate current 60/s.
Type P: 110% Rate current 60/s.
Max. output frequency: 0~600Hz.
Jog frequency range: 0.00~50.00Hz
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In variable frequency speed regulation system, slow down and stop of the motor are achieved by gradually reduce the frequency. In reduce the frequency moment, the motor synchronous speed decline, while because of mechanical inertia, the motor rotor speed is not changed, when the synchronous speed is less than the rotor speed, rotor current phase change almost 180 °, the motor turn into generation condition, and the motor shaft on the braking torque of the motor in the regenerative braking state, renewable energy make the capacitor charge accumulation for a short period of time, and form pump up voltage apply DC bus voltage rise. Over high DC bus voltage can make the part of the device damaged, therefore, it must use the brake unit (braking resistor) consumption of renewable energy, otherwise the inverter will jump over voltage protection or malfunction.

specification of VFD Variable Speed Frequency Inverter

Carrier frequency: 2.0kHz~10kHz. According to the load characteristics, automatic adjust carrier frequency
Input frequency resolution: Digital setting:0.01Hz Analog setting: Max. frequency×0.025%
Control mode: 0:V/F control 1:Vector control
Speed range:1:50 1Hz/150% Rate torque

Torque boost:Manual torque boost 0.1%~20.0%
V/F curve Four modes: Line, Multi-point , Square V/F curve, V/F separation
Line or S-curve Acc/Dec mode : four kinds of Acc/Dec times. Range of  Acc/Dec Time :  0.0~6000.0s
DC brake frequency: 0.00Hz~Max frequency brake time:0.0s~36.0s brake current: 0.0%~100.0%
Simple PLC Multi-speed running: 16-speed operating through built-in PLC or control terminal

Onboard PID: It realizes process-controlled closed loop control system easily
Automatic voltage regulation (AVR): It can keep constant output voltage automatically when the main voltage changes
Overvoltage stall control: The current and voltage are limited automatically during the running process so as to avoid frequent tripping due to overvoltage/overcurrent.
Rapid current limit: It helps to avoid frequent over-current faults of the AC Drive

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